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Whether it is an intriguing museum or a beautiful piece of architecture, Fukuoka will be a place on everyone’s bucket list at Rugby World Cup 2019™.

If you love exploring and getting away from it all, as well as great rugby, you have come to the right place and we have picked 10 fantastic things to experience when you are in Fukuoka.

Ohori Park

Ohori Park is one of the most tranquil parts of Japan. You could quite easily perch yourself on a bench overlooking the gorgeous lake and get lost for hours just taking in all the sights and sounds that the park has to offer. You can even take a trip on the lake itself using a swan-shaped boat.

One of the most beautiful parts of the world, these breath-taking views are not to be missed!

Fukuoka Tower

Standing at a great 234 metres above sea level, the Fukuoka Tower is the tallest beach tower in Japan. The beautiful looking building is designed with 8000 half mirrors on to give it a sharp and clean looking design.

Once inside the building, the observation deck on the 5th floor offers up a beautiful view of the surrounding area. Moreover, if you get a bit peckish during your time in the tower, then there is a cute eat-in café along with a fully formed restaurant inside the building.

Nokonoshima Island

Created in the 1960s, Nokonoshima Island is a self-contained Eden just across from the mainland of Japan and the city of Fukuoka. Well-known among locals for its beautiful arrangement of flowers throughout all the seasons, Nokonoshima also offers plenty of outdoor activities from barbecues to pottery making and camping.

The island is only a 10 minute ferry ride from Meinohama port and about a 20 minute journey from the east of Hakata port.

Tenjin Underground Shopping Centre

If it should ever start to rain during your time in Fukuoka, then fear not! The Tenjin Shopping Centre is completely underground and boasts 150 shops overa 590 metre long stretch. What’s more, the shopping centre is very accessible being only a oneminute walk from Tenjin Station.

Kyūshū National Museum

Opened in the mid 2000s, the museum not only has incredibly beautiful architecture and design but is the first national museum that has been built in Japan for over 100 years.

The museum hosts all kinds of different artefacts and artistic pieces, ranging from important national treasures to 15th Century art pieces by leading Japanese artists. For when you are done looking at all the marvellous pieces that are on offer in this spectacular galley, there is a café and restaurant for refreshments, along with a great gift shop if you want to get a souvenir for a family member or a friend back home.

Nanzoin Temple and the Reclining Buddha

With over a million visitors per year, the Nanzoin Temple is famous for its huge reclining buddha statue, which was created in 1995. However, this isn’t the only draw to this wonderful location. The surrounding area also hosts a beautiful walk up to the site, meandering through the glorious countryside from a small but beautiful village with scenic views of bridges, gardens and streams.

This is really one of the must-see sights along your Japan journey.

Fukuoka Castle

Based in Maizuru Park, the Fukuoka Castle gives you an insight into what life was like for some of the richest folk in 17th Century Japan. While only a small portion is left of the once enormous castle complex, what is left is a stunning site on top of a stone base with views of the original castle gates, turrets and other historic features within its walls.

The ACROS Building

This building must be one of the most beautiful ones in the whole world, let alone Japan. The terraced structure looks like a jungle in the heart of the city, as 35,000 different plants conceal the building beneath. The top of this wonderful building will give you a great view of the rest of the city below.

This is one that can’t be missed for someone who wants to experience something a little bit different.

Robot museum

If you want to see some of the technology which is synonymous with the Japanese culture, then Robosquare is the place to go! Not only will you be able to see the robots in action, you will get a great behind-the-scenes look into how they are produced and repaired when something goes wrong with the chance to see the creators working on the robots on location.

Shiraito Waterfall Fukuoka

Possibly one of the most relaxing places you could go to in Japan, the Shiraito Waterfall will transport you to a different world. The waterfall is 12 metres wide and 24 metres tall with water bouncing off the smooth rocks on its way down to the bottom and beyond.

You can even do a spot of fishing in the river before heading to the café for a nice bowl of traditional Japanese noodles.