When you shut your eyes and think of Japan, the first images that come to mind are bright lights, busy cities and historic temples.

There is all that of course but there is also nature and during your Rugby World Cup 2019 adventure, you will get to see some of it. Most of Japan consists of steep mountains, thickly covered in dense forest. As this doesn’t make for a very hospitable environment, most Japanese live on the coastal plains, leaving large expanses of natural environment largely untouched by humanity. It’s perhaps not surprising that Japan is host to a great diversity of wildlife.

There are around 130 kinds of land mammal and over 600 bird species. The Tanuki is like a raccoon and can be found throughout Japan – it is often used as a decorative entrance to temples. Wild boars are also common. The largest animal in Japan is the brown bear and sometimes venture even as far as Tokyo! One thing is for sure, keep your eyes open on your trip and you won’t be disappointed.