Japan is a country unlike any other in the world - bringing together the ultra-modern and high tech but also with a strong feeling of tradition and incredible natural beauty, which makes it perfect for a luxury holiday.

Rugby World Cup 2019 will break new ground in so many ways. It will be the first tournament in the country, a rugby first, and a wonderful chance to enjoy a luxury rugby holiday.

Soak up the buzz and energy of Tokyo, retreat to give the senses an ultimate break at a Buddhist temple on Mount Koya, bask in hot spring waters, relax on sandy beaches amid coral reefs or indulge in healthy and nutritious food and take part in a traditional tea ceremony – Japan will overwhelm your senses with the variety of its scenery and culture.

And that’s not all. With top-class hotels, the chance to upgrade flights to business class as well as match tickets, make it a luxury Rugby World Cup.