Excursion BEP1 - 5 Hours - £150pp

This excursion will show you the highlights of Beppu whilst taking you to ‘Hell and back!’

The hot spring Hells of Beppu are a nationally designated "Place of Scenic Beauty" in the onsen town of Beppu.  Whilst the waters are natural the surroundings are man-made to allow for viewing pleasure rather than bathing.

Three of the seven Hells will be visited. Umi is named after the mud bubbles, which emerge from boiling mud pools and look like the shaven heads of monks, Shiraike, the "white pond hell" features a pond of hot, milky water and Chinoike Jigoku, the "blood pond hell" features a pond of hot, red water.

The city’s population of macaques were not always a welcome visitor, wreaking havoc on farmer's fields and foraging for food in neighbourhood trash cans. A local official decided to alleviate the problem by luring the monkeys to the mountain with a whistle and food. The ruse worked, and Mt Takasaki has been home to around 1200-1500 Japanese macaques ever since which will be visited.

The Mt Takasaki monkey park doesn't function like a zoo. There are no fences or boundaries, no off-limits areas for the macaques. Human visitors are cautioned to keep their distance, avoid aggressive behaviour and refrain from touching or feeding the monkeys. In return, they are given the opportunity to observe these animals up close. Three troupes of monkeys call the mountain home and descend from the peak to eat, play on the equipment the park staff has constructed and groom themselves and their babies.

A visit will be made to Umitamago a modern aquarium just outside of Beppu.  With interesting architecture and some displays that make you feel like you are visiting a modern art museum rather than an aquarium, animals living in Umitamago include penguins, dolphin, seal, otter, and various fish.


- Pick-up and drop-off at your hotel
- Panoramic city sightseeing by private charter coach
- Experienced and knowledgeable Japanese/English speaking guide
- Admission to three Beppu Hells
- Visit the Takasaki Monkey Park and Oita aquarium

Available when travelling on tour:

CF CK FH - excursion departure – 18 October

£150pp - Use the Excursion Booking Form link to make your booking

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